International Barging Tours

Traveling by barge may bring out the sybarite in you. In the best way, of course. Someone else is at the wheel, someone else is in the kitchen, someone else is making all the hard decisions while you enjoy the comfort of a pleasant craft. Interesting scenery is usually at hand and river towns provide unexpected pleasures. The easy companionship of small groups is another feature of these trips; our barges are not large. Each carries twenty to twenty-four passengers, two per cabin. All cabins have private bath.

We have several itineraries in the canals of Noord and Zuid (North and South) Holland, with access to the famous “Garden of Europe,”  Keukenhof. In Germany our barge follows the Main River through Bavaria (called Franconia by the locals) and a separate German tour follows the Mosel and Saar Rivers in western Germany, not far from France. In Belgium our barge goes along the Zenne and Scheldt rivers, while in France the Seine brings us into Paris itself.

Relaxing on deck, you are at liberty to read that book you’ve been looking forward to, or simply to day dream a little. There will be guided tours and informative programs to let you know where you are and what you’re seeing. And three times a day the chef and staff surprise you with another special meal.

Pamper the sybarite in you.