Museum and Alumni Groups

A barge functions ideally for museum groups and university alumni groups who are actively engaged in expanding experience and knowledge. What’s a day like? The day can be like the best memories of good teachers and interesting subjects. Able docents and accomplished lecturers fill you in on the splendid things you’ve come to see. There are visits to museums and architecturally interesting buildings and to towns that are more or less museums in themselves. Interspersed with on-shore activities and an occasional lunch or dinner on land are the excellent meals produced on board. There also will be time for exploration on your own in some of these inviting towns.


Over the past several years, you and your team have organized four barging tours – one to Holland, two to France, and one to Italy – that have been outstanding cultural experiences… By the end of the trip we felt we had been given a window into a culture that one rarely sees without the benefit of excellent guides and a “curated” learning experience. Successful trips like these are a great way for our supporters to feel even more closely identified with the Museum.

Jeffrey W. Anderson, Director     Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, CT