School and Affinity Groups

Tours can be tailored to the special interests of groups dedicated to shared enthusiasms. We can bring our groups together with Europeans of like minds, introduce them into European versions of their own work spaces, allow them to find likenesses and differences of American and European outlook and method and aim. The barge provides an atmosphere open to conversational exchange and our visits to special places provide much to talk about.  

Bridge groups play ongoing games on board, combining that passion with sightseeing, and garden groups can enjoy the glories of tulip season but also, in visits to public and private gardens outside that season, discover that Holland’s horticultural skills are broader than that famous flower.

High school groups intent on practicing their French, their German or their Italian can do so in an atmosphere where the learning is natural and instruction is given on home ground.

Barge chefs are rightly admired, with one good meal succeeding another. Now and again, there are on-shore meals as well, and of course regular trips off the barge to visit the interesting towns and sights along our route.